Maggie Brandt

Maggie Brandt | Owner/ Business Manager

Maggie started her professional career as a trained geomorphologist and Mesopotamian archaeologist working in Iraq before the Gulf War.  She became active in the Icelandic horse world  over fifteen years ago through her daughter Carrie. Carrie developed an early interest in Icelandic horses and was the second American to graduate from Holar University in Iceland as a certified trainer with a BS degree in Icelandic Horse training and instruction.  With Carrie’s equine expertise and Maggie’s business,  and agricultural background Maggie and Carrie purchased Swallowland Farm and developed Léttleiki Icelandics in 2011 as a center for the Icelandic Horse in the United States. While Carrie has moved on to start her own training business, Maggie together with her patient  husband Bert Lyons and a professional staff are continuing to operate and expand Lettleiki Icelandics. She brings her experience with Icelandic horses and expertise in business, organization, construction, planning, and general farm management to this enterprise.