Horse Tack

Finding the Right Tack For You

Let us help you find correctly fitting and suitable tack. Here at Léttleiki Icelandics we understand that correctly fitted Icelandic horse-specific tack can be key to a horse and rider’s success, whether they are performing on the trail or oval track. We make it our business to know about all of the current Icelandic horse brands, and we always have a wide range of tack with which we are familiar.

New Tack Purchases

Léttleiki is a dealer for the Danish Icelandic horse saddle company Eques.  Eques saddles are specially designed with a focus on a healthy fit, quality, and value by the accomplished Danish Icelandic horse trainer and competitor Rasmus Møller Jensen. Rasmus has designed a saddle that encourages balance and free movement. The center of gravity (deepest point in the saddle seat) is in the middle, and the saddle is designed to stay in equal contact with the horse’s back when the girth is tightened.   Here at Léttleiki Icelandics, we can order any Eques product for you.  Please go to our Eques page, which has descriptions and pricing for a variety of these products.
Had your eye on the beautiful new “Black” Saddle by Eques? Or how about that amazing girth with elastic panels in four points at the sternum to prevent breathing obstruction? We want to make it easier for you to get the whole enchilada!

We have just ONE Black Edition Package available now that includes the all-new:
– 17″ Eques Black Saddle;
– Black Edition Pad;
– Black Edition Stirrup Leathers;
– S-Stirrups with Black Finish & Crystals;
– Black Edition Girth (select from 45 or 50 cm); and
– Gift Bag with Black Edition Clean and Care

Talk about SNAZZY! This entire package is priced at $2999 (plus tax +/or shipping if applicable). Please message or call us if you’re interested.

Used Tack Purchases

Though we specialize in EQUES brand saddles and tack, we currently have a variety of used saddles and other equipment for sale. See our Used Tack page for a list of what is available at this time.

Click here to view our Saddle Purchase & Return Policy.

Saddles specially designed
for the Icelandic horse