Farrier Services

Farrier Services

Balanced shoeing for the Icelandic horse is key to good performance – whether on the trails or in the show ring. At Léttleiki Icelandics we offer complete farrier services for our clients. Our primary farrier is Billy Foster who is a highly experienced talented farrier. Guest farriers may also assist us when nescessary.

Each horse in training is shod in accordance with it´s individual needs. Our primary goal is to help the horse develop a healthy and balanced hoof but we also always keep the gaits of the horse in mind. How a horse is shod can significantly influence how a horse moves and the quality of the gaits. This is why our trainers and farriers work together!

Shoeing rates:

Regular shoeing: $140 ($35/hoof)

Every horse in training will be shod an average of once every 6-8 weeks. When a horse is shod will be completely at the discretion of the Léttleiki trainers and farriers.

Shoeing on pads and silicon: $150

Occasionally some competition horses are shod with simple plastic pads and silicon. This can help some horses gaits and can make a horses movements more expressive. This type of shoeing is not generally done on a regular basis and is primarily for competition horses.

Breeding evaluation shoeing: $150

This is the shoeing that´s done right before a horse is shown in breeding evaluations to help the horse achieve the best score for hoofs possible for that individual at that time. This shoeing is very carefully done with an emphasis on appearance. It´s typical that horses are shod more often in the months and weeks before a breeding evaluation.

Trimming rates:

Regular trim is $60