What is a Young Horse Linear Description?

Barbara Frische will be offering Young Horse Linear Description services during Léttleiki Icelandic’s Triple World Ranking Shows in October. Foals and young horses from 21 days to four years of age will be scored on a total of 41 characteristics of conformation, character, and gait while running loose in an arena. Judging a horse at this age can provide both immediate and long-term benefits. Breeders get early feedback regarding the success of that particular stallion/mare pairing and whether it ought to be considered again. And this evaluation can also help guide your decisions in best matching a horse’s natural attributes to its owner’s plans for its future, whether that be breeding, showing, endurance and trail riding, or pleasure. If you are planning to attend our upcoming shows, we encourage you to bring along your younger horse(s) and take advantage of this opportunity to make more informed decisions about best how to train and market your horse! Click here for more information.

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