Used Tack

Nearly all of the used saddles listed here are still being utilized at our Léttleiki training facility.  Because of this, prices may be subject to change.  In addition, you are welcome to try out any of the saddles we have in stock and use in training; this can be extremely helpful in selecting just the right new saddle for you and your horse! We also have a large variety of used bits, bridles, nosebands, saddle pads, girths, stirrups, and other items available for sale that are not listed on the website.  Contact Maggie for more information on the used equipment we have available for sale.

“A beautiful saddle arrived today in fine shape. Thank you.
I love the stirrup leathers and stirrup bling.”
-Amy S., Buyer of Used Hrimnir Pro

“I am so impressed with Lettleiki – the facilities and the great people behind the farm name.
I couldn’t be happier with my beautiful saddle.”
– Teri P., Buyer of Used Kentaur

Used Saddles For Sale Inventory:

Iceland Saddle,  16″ Seat – $1,400

Island Sleipnir,  17.5″ Seat – $1,485

Hrimnir Pro, 18″ Seat – SOLD!

  • Changeable gullets that are easy to change yourself
    (currently with medium wide)
  • Made from high quality leather from Remy Carriat in France
  • The Dupont® tree spreads the weight evenly on the horses’ back
  • Comfortably soft seat

Ástund Royal Flair,  17.5″ Seat – $1,200

  • This is an Ástund classic whose quality never goes out of style.
  • This saddle is old but in very good condition. Stirrup leathers are showing signs of wear.

Island Sleipnir,  16.5″ Seat – $1,485

Kentaur Kari Exclusive,  17″ Seat – SOLD

Please contact us if you are interested or have questions about one or more of the items listed.

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