Join us in Kentucky for  the Triple World Ranking Shows (Oct 4-6). Our spacious, modern, state-of-the-art facilities are located in the heart of the beautiful Kentucky Bluegrass between Lexington and Louisville.  You can find us using Google Maps (watch for 6105 on the mailbox post). Information about nearby accommodations and attractions is available at www.visitshelbyky.com.

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FEIF Rules (Click to download) Includes information for  Sport Competition

WR 2019 Schedule (Click to Download)

Due by September 20th
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Please Email or mail to P.O. Box 7,  Eminence, KY 40019.

Due by September 27th 
WR 2019 Entry Form  (Click to download)
Please Email or mail to P.O. Box 7,  Eminence, KY 40019.
Utilize a new form for each horse/rider combination. Changes in classes for Saturday must be made before 5 PM on Friday. Changes for Sunday must be made before  5 PM on Saturday.  There will be no refunds made for changes made after these deadlines.  Any changes in class entries made on the day of the class will be made at the discretion of the show secretary and will be charged accordingly. Payment is not due until the conclusion of the show or before you depart. See the show secretary Maggie Brandt.

Due Upon Arrival 
Release Waiver  (Click to download)
This form must be filled out by all horse owners, riders, trainers & anyone working with or bringing a horse! You may need to get owner/parent/guardian signatures before you arrive!

Contact Maggie@lettleikiicelandics.com  or (502)-541-4590 if you have any questions.



PRE-SHOW LESSONS – We are pleased to announce that we will be offering lessons prior to the show and a sport competition clinic TBA on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please contact Maggie for more information.

EQUINE THERAPEUTIC SERVICES – Gloria Verrecchio DVM, CERP will once again be here to provide her therapeutic services for your horses both before and during the show. Contact her at (612)-741-4994 for appointments.

“TACK ‘N’ SNACK” Shop and Service/Sales Postings – We have a tack shop on site for your perusal, where you will be able to get your hands on an exciting variety of beautiful Eques saddles and tack and Lettleiki fashion wear. In the adjacent gathering space, you will find assorted non-Eques used tack and saddles for sale. Additionally, there is a bulletin board for those of you wishing to advertise your services, horses, or horse-related items (bring a flyer to post). We will be offering a wide array of hot and cold beverages for purchase, as well as light snacks. Relax at cafe-style tables or lounge in your chair under the covering of the roof, all while enjoying a great view of the show and visiting with friends!

WHICH REIN?: Unless you indicate otherwise on your class entry form, left rein is assumed…if right rein is preferred, you must indicate “Right Rein” for the desired class(es) on your entry form.

MUSIC: Do you have a musical request for your individual program? Let us know by that magical time 5:00 before each day of competition…be specific so we can look it up on Spotify.  You may also share your iPod or cell phone with us and we can play your selection through the speaker system.

FOOD AND FUN: Our famous sandwich lunch, beverages, and snack items will be available on Friday,Saturday and Sunday. We will also have a catered barbecue supper and live music  on Saturday night at 7:00 …$15/person children 10 and under free, BYOB.  Please fill out the Dinner Reservation section on the Pre-Registration Form so we can give the caterer an estimate.  This year we are continuing the tradition of a Kentucky Dance Party after the dinner.  All dances will be taught so bring your cowboy hat and boots and be ready to kick up your heels!


We have had lots of questions about the competition in October! First remember that we are actually running three separate World Ranking shows during one weekend, one each day Friday, Saturday and Sunday and there will be no finals. We will be handing out daily medals in many classes and special Triple Ice Championship awards that reflect scores over three days in all the classes…

If you look at the class entry form and the schedule you will notice that each class may be offered on more than one day. This is a great opportunity to try out and practice classes!  It also means some classes may have no entries so watch the schedules carefully and listen to announcements!

In order to make it possible for riders to qualify for the world ranking we are offering preliminary rounds each of the three days/shows in T1, T2, V2, F1, T3, T4, V2, F2, PP1 and P2. Anyone is welcome to be in these classes and you may ride more than one horse. You don’t have to be trying out for the World Ranking! Once again it is a great opportunity to try out your programs and get feedback.

ENTRY FORM, DROPS and ADDS: Because we are doing the paperwork for three shows, please follow these rules for signing up for your classes:

**Sign up for your classes with each horse on a separate entry form by SEPTEMBER 27th!

**Please drop or add a class by 5:00 the night before the competition. Adds on the day of the competition will only be made at the discretion of the show secretary and will charged $15

**It is much easier to adapt the paperwork to drops than adds so there will be no penalty for dropping a class….keep that in mind as you choose your classes and think ahead!


• The FEIF WorldRanking is a system to compare results between riders of pure-bred Icelandic horses at selected sport events all over the world.

• The position of a rider in any class in the FEIF WorldRanking is based upon the arithmetic mean of their three best results with a horse in a class.

• Any rider will need at least three scores (that is why we are running three separate one day shows for the October show) of 5.50 or higher in the preliminary rounds of the track classes Tölt T1, Tölt T2, Four Gait V1, Five Gait F1, Tölt T3, Tölt T4, Four Gait V2, Five Gait F2 and Pace Test PP1 or the equivalent time in SpeedPass P2 (8.70″) in order to qualify for the WorldRanking.

• A WR tournament is judged by at least 5 Sport Judges, 3 of them must be FEIF international Sport Judges. -→ At our show in October, we will have SEVEN FEIF international Sport Judges who will be rotating in the five positions!

• The highest and the lowest mark of the judges will be disregarded, the final mark is based on the average of the remaining three marks.

• Results are valid for a period of two years.

More information : https://www.feif.org/Sport/WorldRanking.aspx

The final day of preliminaries, after each World Ranking class has been completed the five horse/rider combinations in each class with the highest combined scores from the three days of competition will receive Triple Ice Champion awards.

For the  Intermediate, Novice, Youth, Beginner, 3G, PT, and Green Horse classes medals will be given daily in each class. On Sunday after each class has been completed the horse/rider combination or green horse with the highest combined score in that class from the three days of competition will receive a Triple Ice Champion award.

To acknowledge the excellent breeding that is being done in the United States- at the end of the Triple World Ranking Competitions, the North American bred horse with the highest combined three scores from any class over the three days of competition will receive the award for North American Bred Triple Ice Champion.

Good luck to all who are participating- We are excited to award the deserving recipients!