The ideally trained Icelandic horse moves seamlessly from giving a beginning rider their first lesson to perfect transitions in a five gait program… from a fun trail ride in the woods to cross-country endurance treks… from working at liberty all the way to the highest level sport competitions. Making training decisions is both a science and an art that involves starting with an evaluation of goals for both the horse and rider. We like to work with each horse to reach its highest potential given its natural abilities, conformation and temperament. Our goal is a healthy, supple, relaxed horse who moves freely through the gaits. This process also involves working closely with riders to develop a comfortable partnership with their horses that reinforces a foundation of good training.

From starting young horses correctly and developing separated gaits to working with older horses that have developed challenging habits, our trainers  provide full service training. Our trainers are experienced, patient, thoughtful, flexible and open to new ideas. We emphasize lightness in our aids and cues, fairness, respect and trust in working with the horse.  Our ultimate goal is to have a horse and rider moving comfortably together and to have the horse be supple and in correct form.

Correct training should turn the horse into a willing partner who enjoys, chooses, and wants to do what the rider asks.