Thad Gouge

Thad Gouge, APF, CF Farrier

Thad found a passion for the art of farriery while serving a two year apprenticeship in Vermont, specializing in sport horses.

Thad established his own business there in 2000, building a reputation for excellent horse shoeing, punctual arrival, and great customer service. In 2010, after spending a year in Central America, where he communicated his zeal for hoof care, Thad relocated to Lexington, KY, where he established TG Forge.  He spent five years working under Dr. Bryan Fraley of Fraley Equine Podiatry, honing his skills in therapeutic shoeing.

Thad is a certified farrier (CF) with American Farriers Association and an accredited professional farrier (APF) with American Association of Professional Farriers.

Thad offers both hot and cold shoeing to achieve a well-balanced horse that can meet its health and performance expectations. His shoeing is finely crafted with attention to detail, applying a properly shaped shoe to a correctly balanced hoof.

Thad takes great pride and pleasure in being part of the process of restoring soundness to our equine friends, including partnering with veterinarians to find a shoeing prescription that fits best with a full spectrum care plan. His many therapeutic shoeing options even include an array of glue-on shoes to help restore your equine’s foot to its optimal health.

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