Terral Hill has been training Icelandics for over six years. Léttleiki Icelandics is very lucky to employ such an experienced young horse starter and Icelandic horse trainer. He is most well known both in the US and in Iceland for his application of natural horsemanship methods in the starting of Icelandic horses but is also an experienced trainer of the Icelandic horse´s five gaits. Terral will be the primary trainer along side Carrie at Léttleiki Icelandics. Terral is famous for his sensitivity and feel for the horses – helping them learn to trust and respect their riders.




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At age 15 Terral Hill began training horses under the instruction of natural horsemanship trainer Terry Wilson. Terry Wilson is a three star licensed Parrelli trainer who studied under one of the first famous ‘natural horsemen’ Ronnie Willis. Terry gave Terral a background in natural horsemanship and taught him how to start young horses according to those methods.

In 2006 Terral began working for and learning from Guðmar Petursson at Guðmar´s training station in Kentucky. There Terral started young horses for Guðmar and also began to learn about and train the gaits of the Icelandic horse.

Since then Terral has worked for Guðmar but has also taken intermittent trips to Iceland during which he has trained at Fet one of the biggest breeding farms in Iceland for Anton Páll Nielson. At Fet Terral passed a test judged by Eyjolfur Ísolfsson, Þorvaldur Árni, and Anton Páll Nielson on three young horses that he trained qualifying him as a young horse trainer of Icelandic horses.

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In 2011 and 2012 Terral spent a year working for two of the most successful trainers and competition riders in Iceland Hinrik Bragason and Hulda Gustafsdóttir at Árbakka. There he learned more about general horse managment, continued starting horses, and gained more experience in the training of competition horses.

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Terral is also a talented farrier and is especially experienced in shoeing the Icelandic horse. He shoes with emphasis on a balanced and healthy foot in addition to optimal gait performance.

Below are pictures of Straumur frá Feti and Sprettur frá Destiny Farms. Both were started by Terral Hill. Straumur is now the highest evaluated four gaiter of 2013 in Iceland. Sprettur was the highest domestic bred stallion at the Fulgnir evaluations in 2010. In the picture below Sprettur is being shown by his owner Charlotte.

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At Léttleiki Icelandics Terral continues to train horses, teach lessons and clinics, show horses in breeding evaluations, oversees all farrier work, competes nationally, and is a team member in the Knights of Iceland.


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