Taryn Smedley

Taryn Smedley
Barn Manager

Taryn Smedley is a knowledgeable, experienced and talented  manager, with a diverse resume in training and teaching and a Bachelor’s Degree in Equine Studies.

Taryn began her equestrian career at age 8, learning in a wide range of disciplines: Hunt Seat, Saddleseat, Western Pleasure, Side Saddle, Ranch Work, Driving and Dressage.  Her interest in a career in horses took root when she enrolled in the Equine Studies program at Asbury University.

During her time as a student, she trained under Wyoming cowboy Ken McNabb, nationally recognized trainer and horseman, with a focus on finding a positive partnership between horse and rider. As a student under McNAbb, Taryn was assigned young horses to break, train, and sell in summer auction. Jesse Westfall, of Westfall Horsemanship, also played a major role in Taryn’s education. He taught advanced training theory and concept, and refined her understanding of animal behavior. He also emphasized the importance of emotion control over your horse, and how to strive for a balance of sensitivity and soundness. One of the most challenging projects Taryn was given was to train a wild mustang and develop the horse into a Dressage prospect. With the help of trainer Sarah Flannigan under Emily Curtis (Grand Prix Competitor), she furthered her understanding of Dressage and eventually sold the horse to an affiliate of Patty Gruber. Taryn also completed an internship in equine-assisted therapy, where she instructed students in a way of improving core stability in order to increase mobility and coordination. In her independent work as a young horse trainer, Taryn has fallen in love with groundwork and the vital foundation it builds for under saddle.

Taryn also has extensive experience in animal rehabilitation and has studied animal behavior. We hope you will get to meet her beautifully trained sweet puppy Jax.

Even though Taryn is new to the Icelandic Horse world, she has taken to our way of horsemanship naturally and enthusiastically. We are fortunate to have her as a part of the team, and we are grateful for the new perspectives she brings to our horse care and management.