Swallowland Farm

Swallowland Farm

105 scenic acres of some of Kentucky’s best farmland surround historic Helmwood Hall.  Helmwood Hall was built in 1835 in the Greek Revival style and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The farm includes woodlands, ponds, springs, streams and open fertile fields.

The beautiful rolling hills of central Kentucky are some of the best horse grazing lands in the country. At Léttleiki Icelandics we pride ourselves on our lush pastures. We feel letting the horses be able to run and graze is one of the keys to maintaining happy and healthy equines.

For horses in the barn we have set up a run that we can herd the horses down into one of our nine different front pastures. This enables us to turn out horses in many groups and also allows us to practice rotational grazing. Behind the barn are larger pastures for turnout of bigger groups.   Around the barn we also have a series of dry lots for turn out for horses on a diet or during bad weather.

To accommodate horses that are on pasture board or on break from training we have a variety of paddocks and pastures with run-ins that allow us to rotate the horses regularly. There are separate paddocks and run ins for pregnant mares during the last 60-90 days of pregnancy to prevent fescue toxicosis.

The beautiful farm also has a variety of trails for training including open areas, trails through the woods, and gravel roads. This gives us the opportunity to train the horses in a variety of environments and gorgeous places to take clientele trail riding.

The Barn

Our state of the art barn is modern and practical as well as elegant. The barn has 26 stalls and can house approximately 40 horses. The majority of the stalls are 12ft x 12ft and can comfortably house two horses.   When properly matched this gives the horses a companion and socialization even when in a stall. We also have stalls designed specifically for stallions. All the stalls allow for the horses to hang their heads out into the aisle and the majority of the stalls have windows. Our primary stalls are made with a metal mesh so even when lying down the horses can see out and around themselves.

The barn has a high ceiling, large doors and skylights making it very light and open. This is important especially during warm summers.

The majority of the stalls have automatic waterers.  The barn has a hay room, bedding storage room, and feed room enabling us to care for all the horses needs with ease.

Common Areas

For the humans in the barn there is a lounge, which includes a teaching area, comfy sofa area, office, small kitchen and eating area and two handicapped accessible bathrooms. This area allows us to easily host clinics, lectures, and meetings in a comfortable environment. Outside the lounge on both sides is a patio with more places to sit, relax, and socialize.

Conveniently in the center of the barn is the tacking up area, shoeing stall, storage room, and wash stall. The tacking up area has ample room for working with several horses. A large tack closet with a garage door allows us easy and quick access to all our main tack. We also have a separate room for clients to store tack. The shoeing stall is organized and well lit. It has a safe area for the horses to be tied and shod.

The wash stall has a gently sloping floor covered in rubber mats to allow for efficient drainage but a safe place to hose down or bath horses after training. A boom for the hose and having hot and cold water easily available helps make bathing easy.

The Arena

Our arena is 20 meters x 60 meters (approx. 66ft x 197ft). with an adjoining viewing area with bleachers and an announcer’s stand. The arena is well lit with energy efficient lights as well as natural lighting from skylights and has great ventilation. The firm but shock absorbing arena footing is a blend of sand, GGT and Athletex (ground up tennis shoes).

The arena provides a wonderful indoor training environment where we can work  rain or shine. It is also perfect for lessons and clinics and has it’s own sound system.

Oval & Straight Tracks

Swallowland Farm also has a regulation 250meter oval track and a 300 meter (1,000ft) straight track. Our oval track has a unique design, which includes small ovals at both ends of the track that connect to a small riding arena in the center. Having the small ovals and center arena connected to the large oval offers extensive training options. Since our oval track complies with international standards we are able to host both national ranking and internationally ranking competitions.

Our 300-meter straight track is perfect for training horses for breeding evaluations and for practicing the Icelandic horses fifth gait the flying pace. On one side of the straight track is a judge’s pavilion. Our straight track allows us to host international breeding evaluations and 100m, 150m, and 250m pace races.