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Svali is a five-gaited dark bucksin first prize stallion with a total score of 8.42 in breeding evaluations making him one of the highest evaluated five gaited stallions in the US. He received 8.33 for conformation and is light built, compact, and has a beautiful well built topline. This reflects the scores he received for conformation in breeding evaluations. Svali received 8.5 for neck, withers and shoulders, 9.0 for back and croup, and 8.5 for proportions as well as for leg quality. Svali also scored very well in the ridden abilities part of the breeding evaluation receiving 8.48 total. He moves beautifully under saddle receiving 8.5 for form under rider due to his rounded carriage and big movements. His tölt is supple with a wide speed range (8.5) and he trots with big strides and good suspension (8.0). He also recieved 8.5 for his powerful pace.

Svali´s best attribute is his temperment. In breeding evaluations he recieved a 9.0 for spirit. He is always willing but cooperative and light in the bridle. Despite his speed and talent even less experienced riders would feel comfortable on him because he is always so ready to please.

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Svali is the son of the two time World Champion in tölt, Hnokki frá Fellskoti. Below is a picture of Hnokki frá Fellskoti at the Icelandic Horse World Championships.

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Svali has been the national ranking winner of the highest level of fivegait competition F1 in 2013 and 2014. He has also ranked in the top three in the highest level of loose rein tölt T2 in 2013 and 2014.

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Svali also has been a member of the Knights of Iceland show team. His ability to tölt with sparklers on his legs always wows the audience and his super fast pace always has them cheering. After the shows he loves meeting with the fans.

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Svali and Carrie Lyons Brandt T2 (loose rein tölt) video May 2015:

Svali and Carrie Lyons Brandt F1 (five gait) video October 2014: