At Lettleiki Icelandics, we offer premium care, training and instruction.

Our staff is professional and accessible and includes trainers, instructors, and a farrier. The facilities are modern and designed with the welfare of the horse in mind. The barn has great ventilation and lighting, with stall fronts and windows designed to create a friendly and open atmosphere.  For more details about our staff and facilities, go to the About Us section.

We have qualified and very talented trainers and instructors who believe that each horse and rider has individual needs and challenges. Good horse-rider relationships are built on training the mental and physical balance of horse and rider. We offer a variety of training program options to better suit each individual situation.

The best way to learn is to do. Because of this, time in the saddle and the horses themselves are the best teachers. Our goal at Léttleiki Icelandics is to facilitate the process of learning to ride, making it easier and quicker. We put emphasis on helping the rider recognize when the “feeling is right” and then help them practice finding that “feeling” again. Our experienced teachers try to approach each student on an individual basis and address their particular needs and goals.

Our facilities could not be better for training and teaching! We have an indoor arena, oval track, pace track, and a series of trails both in open areas and through woods. This allows us to easily create variation, keeping the rider and horse engaged.