The following rates are subject to change at Léttleiki Icelandic´s discretion. Special rates may apply with some guest instructors.

Lessons (may be with any Léttleiki Instructor):

Private lesson (16 and over): $60
Private lesson 5 lesson package: $250 ($50 per lesson)
Adult group lesson 2-3 riders (16 and over): $55/person
Youth private lesson (under 16): $50
Youth private lesson 5 lesson package: $200 ($40 per lesson)
Youth group lessons (under 16): $45/person

Important! Lessons generally last 45min but may range from 30-60 minutes depending on the needs of the individual horse and rider combination. Also with youth riders some of the lesson time may involve learning basic skills on the ground such as getting the horse, leading, and tacking up. Adult riders should ideally come with a fully tacked up horse and be done with a short warm up.

Stall board for horses in training:

$400 per month for geldings and mares
$500 per month for stallions

Stall board for horses NOT in training:

$475 per month for geldings and mares
$575 per month for stallions

Full training: 625 per month

Horses in full training are generally ridden 4-5 days/week but this is not guaranteed. This is because long weekends or a day off may occasionally be a necessity and an important part of training especially when timed correctly. On the other hand if a horse is not ridden due to trainer unavailability those days will be prorated at $20/day and the owners bill will be discounted. We do keep precise records on how often a horse is trained.

Light training: $35/ride

Horses are trained 2-3 times per week. Only available in special situations or for horses that have reached a point in training where they need to be maintained rather than improved. Horses qualify at Léttleiki Icelandics discretion.

Training per ride: $35/ride

Training per ride will only be done is certain situations and at Léttleiki Icelandics discretion.

Long-term training or multiple horses in training discount: 10%

Owners with 3 or more horses in training or a horse in training for 3 or more months (or something equivalent to one or the other) may receive a 10% discount off training.