Léttleiki Icelandics invites you to Kentucky!

October 6-8 , 2017

Join us in Kentucky for Triple World Ranking Shows and Young Horse Linear Description by Barbara Frische.  Our spacious, modern, state-of-the-art facilities are located in the heart of the beautiful Kentucky Bluegrass between Lexington and Louisville.  You can find us using Google Maps (watch for 6105 on the mailbox post). Information about nearby accommodations and attractions is available at www.visitshelbyky.com.

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Gloria Verrecchio DVM, CERP will once again be here OCTOBER 2-8 to provide her therapeutic services for your horses both before and during the show. Contact her at (612)-741-4994 for appointments.


The USIHC Breeding Committee in conjunction with Lettleiki Icelandics is pleased to announce an exciting addition to the World Ranking Shows! Join us Friday, October 6, 7:00-8:30 PM in the indoor arena for a YOUNG HORSE LINEAR DESCRIPTION with BARBARA FRISCHE.

Have you ever wanted to peer into the future of a young horse and what type of talents they may show as they get older? Would you like to know more about that mysterious number that identifies a horse as having that all-important “First Prize” status? Would you like to know more about the training, temperament and gaits of a pleasure horse before you drive the five hundred miles to see them personally? On Friday evening we are offering the opportunity to learn about all three systems of Icelandic Horse evaluation while sharing the company of good friends and good food.

Barbara Frische, who is qualified to judge horses  in all three assessment systems supported by FEIF, will judge the sanctioned Young Horse Linear Description. In addition there will be demonstrations of other assessment systems like the new Riding Horse Profile System for riders and trainers. Have fun and learn while watching some great horses! Members of the Gaedingar Club will host a light reception during the event.

There is still time to register your young horse(s) for the event…Be sure to list these horses on your Pre-Registration Form and mark this option on your Entry Form.

Training Times, Locations, and Available Instructors: All riders are welcome to share space training and warming up in the indoor arena and on the pace track in the training days before the show and during the show, except during the pace classes on the pace track at the end of each show day! Please respect each other’s training needs and share these spaces.

Due to high demand, all riders must schedule their time on the Oval Track on Wednesday and Thursday. There is a white board on the southern side of the tack shop, near the oval track where the schedule will be posted. Check this list when you arrive to find out your oval track times. Any times not reserved in advance may be reserved when you arrive by adding your name to an empty slot. The board is divided into 20-minute time slots, with up to five riders on the track at a time. If you are not planning to work with one of the instructors listed below and wish to reserve a training time in advance, contact Maggie.

The following excellent instructors are offering their services for lessons Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday on the oval track. If you wish to book a lesson with any of them and have not done so already, please contact them with your availability. They will submit your request for oval track time as part of a list of all their students. Payments for lessons are due directly to your trainer.

Barbara Frische
Contact: Kydee Sheetz aslanscountryicelandics@yahoo.com  218-349-2209
Carrie Lyons Brandt and Gudmar Petursson
Contact:Kathy Love kathrynlove@gmail.com  612-840-7296
Coralie Demeade
Contact:  coralie@tamangur-icelandics.com  719-209-2312
Gabrielle Pittman and Kayleigh Leavell
Contact:  Maggie Brandt Maggie@lettleikiicelandics.com  502-541-4590


“Tack ‘N’ Snack” Shop and Horse Sales:  A new booth is being readied for your perusal, where you will be able to get your hands on an exciting variety of beautiful Eques saddles and tack and Lettleiki fashion wear. In the adjacent gathering space, you will find assorted non-Eques used tack and saddles for sale. Additionally, there is a bulletin board for those of you wishing to advertise your services, horses, or horse-related items (bring a flyer to post). We will be offering a wide array of hot and cold beverages for purchase, as well as light snacks. Relax at cafe-style tables or lounge in your chair under the covering of the roof, all while enjoying a great view of the show and visiting with friends!

Which Rein?: Unless you indicate otherwise on your class entry form, left rein is assumed…if right rein is preferred, you must indicate “Right Rein” for the desired class(es) on your Entry Form due September 30th!

Music: Do you have a musical request for your individual program? Let us know by that magical time 5:00 Friday…be specific so we can look it up on Spotify.  You may also share your iPod or cell phone with us and we can play your selection through the speaker system.

Food and Fun: Our famous sandwich lunch, beverages, and snack items will be available on Saturday and Sunday. We will also have a catered dinner and some special music TBA on Saturday night at 7:00 …$15/person, BYOB.  Please fill out the Dinner Reservation section on the Pre-Registration Form so we can give the caterer an estimate.


By Doug Smith
FEIF Director of Sport

This year, the WorldRanking includes 92 events.
October 6-8,2017, 4 FEIF WorldRanking events will take place:
US: Shelbyville, KY Kentucky Icelandic Horse Show I
US: Shelbyville, KY Kentucky Icelandic Horse Show II
US: Shelbyville, KY Kentucky Icelandic Horse Show III
BE: Wortel WR Enclavehof – Wortel

Marks of riders will be included in the ranking if they are 5.50 or higher (or the equivalent time in SpeedPass P2 (8.70) for any of the WorldRanking tests.The following tests are are listed for your event: T1,T2,T3,T4,V1,V2,F1,F2,PP1,P2.

The veterinary rules and the rules about warnings and disqualifications can be found in FEIF Rules and Regulations. These rules are valid for all Icelandic Horse events (including breeding shows). The complete text of FEIF Sport Rules and Regulations can be downloaded for free from the FEIF website (https://www.feif.org/rules).

All tests have to be performed and judged following the current version of FEIF Sport Rules and Regulations and the additional rules for the FEIF WorldRanking.

Marks of oval track classes T1, T2, T3, T4, V1, V2, F1 and F2 will only be accepted for the WorldRanking when 5 judges have been judging the specific class. At least three of these judges have to have a license as FEIF International Sport Judge and at least one of them has to have his/her permanent residence in another country.


More information about the FEIF WorldRanking can be found at https://www.feif.org/worldranking.


Will Covert (Head Judge)
Alexandra Dannenmann
Hulda Geirsdottir
Thorgeir Gudlaugsson
Petur Jokull Hakonarson
Nicolai Thye

Contact Maggie@lettleikiicelandics.com  or (502)-541-4590 if you have any questions. 

Show Schedule (Click to download)

1. Pre-Registration Form (Click to download)- Due by September 20th.
Please Email or mail to P.O. Box 7,  Eminence, KY 40019.

2. Entry Form  (Click to download)- Due by September 30th.
Utilize a new form for each horse/rider combination. Changes in classes for Saturday must be made before 5 PM on Friday. Registration for finals and changes for Sunday must be made before  5 PM on Saturday.  There will be no refunds made for changes made after these deadlines.  Any changes in class entries made on the day of the class will be made at the discretion of the show secretary and will be charged accordingly. Payment is not due until the conclusion of the show or before you depart. See the show secretary Maggie Brandt.

3. Release Waiver  (Click to download) – Due Upon Arrival.
This form must be filled out by all horse owners, riders, trainers & anyone working with or bringing a horse! You may need to get owner/parent/guardian signatures before you arrive!

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Icelandic Competition Rules (Click to download) – Very helpful for newbies! Includes rider classifications (p. 2), class descriptions (p. 4-11), and ranked class chart (p. 11).
About the Young Horse Linear Evaluation