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Our riding school is for all ages and levels of riders. The primary goal of the riding school is to teach good horsemanship skills applicable to all breeds and riding styles. For more advanced students we offer more specialized Icelandic horse training lessons.

Léttleiki Riding School:

  • Learn basic equine care skills
  • Develop an independent seat
  • Develop understanding for horse behavior and how to use that knowledge as a rider to better communicate
  • Learn how to apply your aids in a systematic yet sensitive fashion
  • Develop the skills to ride all four gaits: walk, trot, tölt, and canter

We also offer more specialized lessons for advanced riders. For example dressage exercises with the Icelandic horse, advanced gait training, riding the flying pace, competition training etc.

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We will be offering a variety of events and programs:

Check our schedule for more info or call 502-541-4590

  • USIHC Riding Badge Program
  • Icelandic Knapamerki program (5 levels that include theoretical and practical lessons and a final written and ridden test for each level. Riders who pass receive a certificate from Hólar University.)
  • Summer clinics and seminars
  • Game days
  • Barn parties
  • Drill team days

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