Trainers Weekend Clinic at Lettleiki Icelandics

March 22nd – 23rd

Trainer01 Trainer02

The second clinic of the year her at Léttleiki Icelandics is done! This clinic was a trainer’s clinic with a focus on classical dressage with the Icelandic Horse and involved eight participants.  To teach this clinic along side Léttleiki Trainer Carrie we flew in Laura Benson of Valkyrie Icelandics from California.

It was a great weekend filled with discussions, lessons, and demonstrations. We were honored to have so many talented trainers in attendance and were able to pair them with some of the best horses in the US. The last day pairs of riders gave a demonstration on a topic that they had been preparing throughout the weekend. The demonstrations were very informative and addressed many of the intricacies of classical dressage exercises with Icelandics.

This idea for a clinic is definitely something we wish to try again next year and invite different teachers from around the world.   Since many of the trainers in the US are very spread out it is key that we have a chance once a year to come together and learn.