International Breeding Evaluations

May 27th – 28th

All photos by Shaila Ann Sigsgaard

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This spring we had our second annual International breeding evaluation. We had two horses in full evaluation that both made second prize and three more in conformation evaluation only. Our international judges were Marlise Grimm and Elisabeth Jansen. Maggie Brandt was the show organizer, Katrin Sheehan was in charge of data entry, and Barbara Frische did the health checks. Despite the small size of the show we feel that breeding evaluations are important to have yearly here in the states because they are what keeps us in line with the international breeding standards for the Icelandic horse.  All of the horses shown come from exciting bloodlines and are owned by passionate breeders and riders. These will be the horses of the future here in the United States.


The five-year-old mare Baldursbrá from Winterhorse Park (pictured above) was shown in confirmation only and received second prize with a total of 7.64. She was bred by Barb and Daniel Riva and is currently owned by Lori Cretney. Baldursbrá is under first prize Þröstur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku who is a son of Kveikur frá Miðsitju and second prize Flís frá Víðivöllum fremri who is a daughter of Baldur frá Bakka. Baldursbrá is currently starting training under saddle so it will be fun to see what the future holds for this well-bred mare.

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The six year old mare Svás (pictured above) is owned and bred by Shaila Ann Sigsgaard & Martin Nielsen and was recently imported from Denmark. She is the only offspring of the stallion Viktor fra Diisa in the U.S. Viktor is a son of Garri frá Reykjavík (Orri son) and has a 8.63 total for gaits as well as multiple successes in sport competitions across Europe. He is becoming increasingly popular in Europe due to the success of his offspring in breeding shows. The dam of Svás is Rimma fra Nord who is a daughter of Hugi frá Hafsteinsstöðum so she has exciting breeding lines behind her on both sides. Svás received 7.91 for confirmation and we are excited to see her shown in full evaluation next spring. She went on to win Green Horse Four Gait during the Léttleiki Spring Sanctioned Show.


Nýpa von Birkenlund (pictured above) bred by Barbara Frische and owned by Coralie Denmeade received the highest confirmation scores of the show. She received 8.0 for head, neck-whither-shoulders, back and croup, and joints. She received 8.5 for proportions, hooves, and mane and tail. Nýpa´s total score for confirmation was 8.11. Nýpa is a daughter of Álfadans frá Ingólshvoli (Orri son) and Lára von Neuenfelde. Although Nýpa was not yet ready for full evaluations this spring her trainer Coralie definitely has it has a goal and will also be using her in sport competitions.

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Maídís from Hanging Valley was shown in full evaluations representing a promising mare from American breeding. Maídís was bred by Garry Snook and is owned by Léttleiki Icelandics. She was shown to second prize by Léttleiki trainer Terral Hill. Maídís received almost first prize for confirmation with a total score of 7.98. Under saddle she received 8.0 for trot, form under rider, and walk. She received 7.5 for everything else except for pace which was not shown.   These are promising scores for a 5-year-old mare and she is definitely five gaited so we look forward to seeing her shown again with more training and as a five-gaiter next spring! Maídís is a daughter of the first prize Gunnhildur frá Kollaleiru and the famous Lykill frá Blesastöðum who resides in Germany. Lykill is a son of Orri frá Þúfu and is becoming well known across Europe for the success of his offspring. Maídis is one of only three Lykill offspring here in the states.

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Brá frá Fellskoti (pictured above) was the highest evaluated horse in the show. Brá is a daughter of the honor prize stallion Hrynjandi frá Hrepphólum and her mother was a daughter of Adam frá Meðalfelli so she had very strong bloodlines behind her. Brá was shown many years ago in Iceland but did not reach second prize at that time. She went on to become a competition mare and was particularly successful in T1 competitions. She was imported from Iceland by Katrin Sheehan of Creekside Farm and used in the breeding program there for several years. Now she is in on commission at Léttleiki Icelandics. Brá received a 7.87 for conformation, which is an improvement from her previous conformation scores. Brá received an 8.5 for her clear beated and supple tölt. She also received 8.0 for general impression and for spirit.   Brá´s total score was 7.66 a huge leap up from her previous total and making her a second prize mare.

Due to the small size of the show judges Marlise Grimm and Elisabeth Jansen donated time after the show to guide amateur riders and horse owners through a practice evaluation. This allowed young riders and horse owners an incredible opportunity for learning as they experienced how to present a horse in breeding evaluations and got more insight into how the horses are judged. See the following pictures for a taste of some of those performances.

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A big thank you to all of the people who made this event possible, supporting it with their time, horses, and sponsorships. The past several years it has been a struggle to pull off breeding evaluations due to high expenses and low attendance. This show was made possible by a group of dedicated individuals and by the fact that we were able to use the judges in multiple events.

Young Horse Evaluations

May 29th

On May 29th we had our first Léttleiki Young Horse Evaluation. Our judges Marlise Grimm and Barbara Frische evaluated seven young horses. Young horse evaluations are important because they give breeders the opportunity to get official feedback on their breeding early on in a horse’s life. This can help breeders make better-informed decisions sooner about their breeding.

Lanny Carroll of Northstar Icelandics presented several young horses for judgment. Three were under the second prize Herkir from Northstar and therefore second generation Northstar breeding. One mare that stood out was Herkir daughter Blá-Fina from Northstar (M: Hespa frá Árbakka) who showed beautiful long strides and leg action in all of her gaits. Another Herkir daughter Ljóska impressed everyone with her incredible natural tölting abilities.

Curtis Pierce brought his stallion Þrymur from Deep Creek for comments only as Þrymur was 4 years old and therefore not eligible for official young horse evaluation. Þrymur is a son of the first prize Veigar frá Lækjamóti. This is a great example about how young horse evaluations can be a way for breeders to get an opinion on their horses without having to commit to the extensive training needed for full evaluations. Young horse evaluations will never replace actual International breeding evaluations but they do offer insight into what a horse may become.


The highest evaluated youngster was Ástjarljós from Pegasus Flughestar (pictured above) under Pegasus frá Skyggni and Salka frá Frostastöðum. Ástjarljós was bred and is owned by Kathy Love. Judges commented on her supple long strides and willing but calm attitude.

A big thanks to Kathy Love, Curtis Pierce, and Lanny Carrol for supporting the young horse evaluations!