Schooling Show at Hulinndalur Icelandics

Fun time in the Tryon region of North Carolina

October 25th

School01 A Léttleiki team consisting of Carrie Lyons Brandt & Svali frá Tjörn, Terral Hill & Veigar frá Lækjamóti, and Kathy Love & Salka frá Frostastöðum attented the Hulinndalur Icelandics Schooling Show and Open House in Tryon, North Carolina.  As always Sara Lyter and her sister Teresa were great hosts and the show had a wonderful friendly atmosphere with a focus on learning.  The oval track and facilities at Hulinndar are lovely making for happy riders and horses.
 School02 The classes started in the afternoon and judges Snorri Dal and Jason Brickner gave each competitor comments at the end of their ride and allowed them to redo sections of there classes if they wished to practice again.  The Léttleiki team had many beautiful performances in tölt, four gait, loose rein tölt, and five gait.  The quality of our horses drew very positive attention from the audience.  Schooling shows are a great way for people to learn and show in a relaxed atmosphere and we hope that Hulinndalur will be holding more schooling shows!

Photos courtesy of Vincent Verrecchio