Lettleiki Icelandics at the FIRC Sanctioned Show

May 17th – 18th

Home after a wonderful weekend at the FIRC Icelandic Horse Show! Terral Hill and Veigar frá Lækjamóti were the stars of the show winning both their classes with great scores.  They demonstrated suppleness and good horsemanship in all of their performances.  Lettleiki trainer Carrie Brandt also competed with good results on the stallion Svali frá Tjörn and mare Salvör frá Grafarkoti.  Martin Nielsen and Shaila Sigsgaard attended the show with us and were super team members in addition to Martin offering his talent as the show announcer.  Thank you FIRC for hosting such a great event.  These shows are only possible because of the dedication of passionate individuals volunteering their time.   The FIRC show organizers managed to create a friendly environment for all levels of competitors and it´s shows like these that bring the Icelandic horse community together.

Photos curtesy of Ásta Covert and Flying C Ranch

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