KY Breeding Evaluations at Lettleiki Icelandics

May 9th – 11th

Here at Léttleiki Icelandics we have had a very busy weekend.  We held our first FEIF International Breeding Evaluations.  Judging the evaluations were Marlise Grimm and Elisabeth Jansen both international FEIF breeding judges.

We had ten horses in full evaluations and eight of those ten were trained here at Léttleiki Icelandics and all ten were shown by our Léttleiki team of riders. The highest evaluated horse of the whole show  received a total of 8.42 and was Léttleiki´s stallion Svali frá Tjörn ridden by Carrie Brandt.  Sporður frá Bergi was also shown and received very high marks especially in the ridden assesment.  He was shown by his trainer Terral Hill.  The highest evaluated mare was Salvör frá Grafarkoti who received a total of 7.88.  All of these horses were bred in Iceland but there were also several promising domestically bred horses.  Piltur from Winterhorse received second prize and was the highest evaluated domestic bred stallion with very high scores for his conformation.  Gerde from Eagle River Farm owned by Anna DeWall was the highest evaluated domestically bred mare and received a total of 7.75.   In conformation only judgement were four young mares from american breeders and all four made first prize for conformation.

Click here to see the official results for each horse that was shown.

Holding this evaluations would not have been possible without an incredible team of very hard working people.

  • Thank you first to Kathy Love and Maggie Brandt for organizing and planning the event.  The event would not have happed without both of you.
  • Thank you to Joe Barmore and his team for working long hours to make the facilities as finished and beautiful as possible.  The quality of the work done on Swallowland Farm continues the be the best we have ever seen.
  • Thank you to our team of trainers Carrie Brandt, Terral Hill, Guðmar Þór Pétursson, & Laura Benson for training, showing, teaching, and demonstrating during the time leading up to the evaluations and over the weekend.  Together we make the most amazing and fun team.
  • Thank you to our interns Alexandra Venable and Emese Dunn for working tirelessly helping care for the horses and also ride fill in horses for the evaluations.  We could not be prouder of your work with horses both in and out of the saddle.
  • Thank you to Daniel Morales our barn manager for keeping the barn environment clean and healthy for the horses.
  • Thank you to Barb and Dan Riva of Winterhorse Park for coming all this way from Wisconsin to support our evaluations and bringing some of the best of America´s breeding to the show.  Thank you also for always lending a helping hand whenever you could whether it be cleaning the kitchen or grilling dinner.
  • Thank you to Martin for doing the pre show vet checks and checking the horse´s mouth and legs after each ride to ensure the welfare of all the equines.
  • Thank you to Shaila for taking beautiful photos.  As always she managed to capture the most amazing moments.
  • Thank you to Bert Lyons for transporting judges and always being there for all of us.
  • Thank you to Katrin Sheehan for helping with the measurements and inputing all of the data into WorldFengur.
  • Thank you to Alex Pregitzer for doing the boot weight checks at the end of the track.
  • Thank you to Lily Lyons and Ellie Miller for providing music at the Saturday night party.
  • Thank you to all the horse owners and breeders who trusted us with their horses.
  • Thank you to all the spectators.  Your support amazed us – it was exciting that people would come from such distances to view the evaluations.

Pictures below are all taken by Shaila Ann Sigsgaard:

 KY01  KY02
Svali frá Tjörn and Carrie in flying pace Svali frá Tjörn and Carrie in tölt
 KY03  KY04
Guðmar showing Brana frá Lækjamóti Gerde from Eagle River Farm
 KY05  KY06
Carrie and Salvör frá Grafarkoti in tölt Gallop on Salvör frá Grafarkoti
 KY07  KY08
Sporður frá Bergi and Terral Hill Sporður frá Bergi in flying pace
 KY09  KY10
Piltur from Winterhorse Laura Benson and Viður frá Lækjamóti
 KY11  KY12
Emese and Máni frá Eskihólti II in pace Alex Venable & Gréta from Creekside Farm