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Photos curtesy of Shaila Ann Sigsgaard

Knights of Iceland in Theatre Equus at the PA Horse World Expo

February 27 – March 2

Léttleiki trainers Carrie Lyons Brandt and Terral Hill along with horses from Léttleiki Icelandics traveled to Pennsylvania for the Horse World Expo to perform with the Knights of Iceland in Theatre Equus.  We had an incredible show with superb horses, great crowd and wild riders.  It couldn´t have been more fun!  The riders and horses were as follows in order of appearance in the drill (see video below).


Guðmar Þór Pétursson & Veigar frá Lækjamóti

Carrie Lyons Brandt & Svali frá Tjörn

Terral Hill & Sporður frá Bergi

Laura Benson & Týr frá Árbakka

Garðar Hólm & Viður frá Lækjamóti

Ayla Green & Molda frá Tunguhálsi


A big thank you to the Knights of Iceland backstage support team – nothing would be possible them! Special thank you to Bill and Diane Hatcher, Shaila Ann Sigsgaard, Alexandra Venable, Curt Pierce, and all the generous horse owners.