Knights of Iceland at Breyerfest

July 11th-13th


Photo curtesy of Ida Sophie (10 years old) and Shaila Ann Sigsgaard

Lettleiki Icelandics was in charge of the Knights of Iceland team at the Breyerfest Silver Jubilee in Lexington KY at the Kentucky Horse Park.   It was a very special year for Breyerfest because it was their 25th anniversary and we were super excited to be apart of this event.  The Knights of Iceland riders were as follows:  Carrie Lyons Brandt & Týr frá Árbakka, Terral Hill & Sporður frá Bergi, Shaila Ann Sigsgaard & Svali frá Tjörn, Martin Krarup Nielsen & Þröstur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku.  The four horses in the drill were all first prize stallions (three of whom are owned by Léttleiki Icelandics) and the average of their total scores in breeding evaluations was 8.36!  In addition it is worth mentioning that one of the stallions, Þröstur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku is 23 years old and has been performing in these shows for over 10 years!  We also used Léttleiki´s famous pace horse Máni frá Eskiholti and for the beer tölt Molda frá Tunguhálsi.  The Knights of Iceland performed daily a fast paced drill followed by the flying pace for crowds of Breyer enthusiasts in the covered arena.

Knights02 Knights03 Knights04

Left and middle photos curtesty of Breyerfest.  Right photo curtesy of Ida Sophie (10 years old!) and Shaila Ann Sigsgaard.

During the whole festival our stalls were open so that fans could visit with the horses and we also had arranged meet and greets.  Below to the left is our stallion Svali frá Tjörn with two beautiful young ladys and to the right is Knights Terral and Martin along with steeds Svali and Þröstur.

Knights05 Knights06

Above two photos curtesy of Breyerfest photographers.

On Saturday night we performed in the 25th anniversary celebration show in the Alltech Arena.  Léttleiki trainers Carrie and Terral on Svali and Sporður did the beautiful sparkler act tölting around the arena on fire.  All four riders had the crowd roaring during the beer tölt and flying pace. The world-renowned Tommie Turvey organized the show and he and his wife Chantal were the stars with their incredible horses.   Also in the show were the Wild Riders crazy trick riders and acts from the Gala of the Royal Horse showcasing high-level classical dressage including airs above the ground.  The show was an incredible success with an audience of over 5,000 people!

Below is a collage from Tommie Turvey Equine Extremist facebook page featuring some parts of Saturday nights performance.


Big thank you to Alexandra Venable for being our one woman ground team and warming up horses, holding horses, caring for riders and horses, lighting sparklers and sometimes doing all of the above seemingly at once!  Thank you to Breyerfest and Tommie Turvey for giving us the opportunity to be apart of such a great festival.  Last but far from least thank you to all the fans that cheer the Knights of Iceland on as we ride… you help us remember what amazing steeds have!

Here is a video of a portion of the Knights of Iceland sparkler act in the Saturday night show: