Flugnirkeppni 2014

Lettleiki riders and horses have a successful show at Winterhorse Park in Wisconsin.

August 14th – 17th

Léttleiki Icelandics had a successful and very fun Flugnirkeppni this year at Winterhorse Park in Wisconsin.  We drove up on Wednesday to give the horses time to settle in and recuperate after the long trip.  On Thursday and Friday Léttleiki trainers Carrie Lyons Brandt and Terral Hill taught pre-competition lessons to a great group of students.  It´s always fun to work with so many different horse and rider pairs and help them develop a good show strategy that brings out the best of their horses and their riding.


Léttleiki Icelandics brought six horses to the show.  Head trainer Carrie Lyons Brandt competed on Léttleiki´s new first prize mare Von frá Rekjavik who we plan on using in our breeding program next year.  Von was the highest scoring horse in the five-gait individual preliminary round with a score of 5.9.  Not bad for her first sanction show five gait program!  Von and Carrie also won the 100 meter pace race.

F02 F03

Von frá Rekjavik in pace. Photos curtesy of Maggie Draeger.

Léttleiki trainer Terral competed on our stallions Sporður frá Bergi and won the five gait F1 finals.

F04 F05

Terral Hill and Sporður frá Bergi in tölt and in flying pace.  Photo curtesy of Maggie Draeger.

Our intern Alexandra Venable also brought her horse Glóinn from West Cliff and competed in both Green Horse Tölt and Four Gait V1 winning both of her classes with high scores especially for her tölt and canter.

F06 F07

Alex and Glóinn in tölt and during their victory lap.  Photos curtesy of Maggie Draeger.

We also leased out two horses from Léttleiki Icelandics to our friends from Tamangur Icelandics who flew in from Colorado.  Coralie Demeade rode Léttleiki´s mare Salvör frá Grafarkoti in the tölt classes T3 and T1 winning both with beautiful animated tölt and supple horsemanship.  Scotlyn Davis a young rider and Coralie´s student competed on Molda frá Tunguhálsi winning the youth tölt and scoring well in a variety of classes.

F08 F09 F10

Fidelius from Creekside Farm who we had recently sold to a great owner in Wisconsin also came with us to be delivered to his new home.  Fidelius and his new owner Heidi competed in Green horse tölt and received a score of 5.0.  Fidelius is only six and has never been shown before and his owner had never been in an Icelandic horse competition either so we were very excited for them!

The highlight of the whole show for us though was the underwear race!  Nothing demonstrates the fun spirit and friendship-oriented attitude of Flugnirkeppni like the fun classes.  Terral paired up with Kristján (current trainer at Winterhorse Park) for the race.  Nick Cook generously lent them his fun class master horse Zippy (Svipur).   They completed the race in the record time of 35 seconds and looked very cute in the underwear!!

F11 F12