First use of track and Nilla clinic!

Lettleiki’s oval track is used for the first time during the clinic with FT certified trainer Nilla

September 13th-14th

September 13-14th 2014 we had a clinic with FT certified trainer and instructor Pernille Lyager Moller.   Nilla as we call her attended Hólar University with Léttleiki head trainer Carrie and they became best friends during their time there together.  Carrie always respected and admired Nilla´s training and teaching and therefore we were very excited to have such a good friend and talented professional come spend time with us at Léttleiki Icelandics.


In this clinic Nilla focused on developing good horsemanship in the saddle through developing a good and sensitive seat and using light but effective cues to communicate with the horse.  It was a fun filled event involving lessons in the arena as well as outside on the trail and oval track.  It is rare in these clinics that the instructor can give such individualized attention to the students and help them train in such a variety of venues. It was the first time that the Léttleiki oval track was used so it was an exciting weekend in many ways. It was incredible to see the improvements in horses and riders throughout the weekend and we thank all the attendees for their enthusiasm and love of the horses.

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