Léttleiki Riders attend the F.I.R.C. Sanctioned Show

May 16th – 17th


Léttleiki team members Terral & Veigar, Ellie & Rós, Sierra & Kloí, assistant extraordinaire Alexa, and scribe Kathy had a wonderful time attending the F.I.R.C. Sanctioned Show in Virgina.  Carrie had to stay home to maintain the horses in preparation for the upcoming breeding evaluations and spring sanctioned show at Léttleiki but she definitely attended in spirit.  The horses and riders were all successful in the show ring and everyone had fun learning and enjoying old and new friends.  Terral Hill & Veigar frá Lækjamóti were stars of the show winning both T1 and V1 classes.  Terral also showed beautiful horsemanship and won the Tölt in Harmony class.  For Ellie and Rós (Solmyrkva from Helms Hill Farm) it was their first sanctioned show and they had clean and well ridden performances which showed off how much work they have put into becoming a successful team.  Léttleiki intern Sierra Kenville rode our sales horse Kloí frá Miðhusum in a variety of classes and ended up receiving a variety of promising scores including 6.5 for walk!

This show´s welcoming atmosphere makes it a great place for beginning competitors and the show is in desperate need of support.  We really hope to see many more of you at the show next spring!  We plan to attend in full force next spring and plan on being available for pre-show lessons and coaching.

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