Clinic: Balanced Rider – Balanced Horse

June 14th – 15th


The focus of this clinic was training the horse and rider’s physical and mental balance. Teacher Carrie Lyons Brandt began by focusing on how to train yourself to be mentally calm and attentive through developing a better understanding of sport psychology and mental training techniques.   Terral Hill brought his special skills to the table and helped students progress to working with the horses in hand through an obstacle course to challenge the horses mental balance and increase trust and respect between the horse and rider team.  The second day Terral and Carrie taught simultaneously focusing on the more physical side of training through seat exercises on the lounge for the riders and dressage exercises to help develop the horses physical strength and suppleness.  Once again we feel blessed by the wonderful groups of people that we have at our clinics.  We love teaching in such a positive environment and feel that lasting friendships are beginning made between our students.

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