Demonstrating and Educating in the Summer Months



Photo curtesy of Shaila Ann Sigsgaard

This past month the Léttleiki team has been doing a lot of breed promotion through demonstrations for local groups such as the Henry County Leadership Counsil, a Corvette Club, and kids camps.  Léttleiki riders and horses also traveled to Ohio and performed there several demonstrations at the Ohio State Fair.

We generally begin our demonstrations by doing a short drill to show off our horses in action and then head trainer Carrie discusses for the audience what makes Icelandic horses special.  As a part of the demonstration Carrie explains all five gaits of the Iceland horse while trainers Terral Hill and intern Alexandra Venable demonstrate those gaits.  Our goal is always to give people the important information while showing them what we are talking about with our horses.  For the events at home we often follow up with a Q&A time as well as a tour of the facilities and discussion of the services we offer.

At all of the events we really appreciated all of the enthusiasm and questions.   We had a great time performing and meeting all sorts of new people.

Contact us if you are a part of a group that would like a demonstration or would like to visit our facilities.  We really love sharing our passion for these horses!

Below photo curtesy of Terral Hill.  Shows the Corvette clubs beautiful cars parked in front of the barn.