Kids Summer Camp

We would love for your child to join us this year! During the week, they will learn basic horse health & nutrition, basic groundwork, the sequences of the five gaits of the Icelandic Horse, basic tack education & assembly, horse anatomy and- through endless amounts of riding- become more balanced, harmonious riders.

Ages 5-7 are welcome to join us July 15-16.

Ages 8-12 are welcome to join us July 15-19.

We love watching these kids grow in their confidence and understanding of horses. Through proper instruction, they learn to trust the horse and trust their own abilities under saddle & in-hand. We also fill our “horseless” time with fun activities, crafts, and team challenges. 

We can’t wait to see you this summer! Please contact us to secure a spot!

If you have any questions or to register, contact  or (502) 541-4590.

(Click here to download and share flyer.)

Due Upon Arrival the First Day of Camp:

2019 Kids Camp Registration Form (Click to download)
Please select the appropriate form for the age of your child (each child needs a separate form).

Release Waiver  (This form is due upon arrival the first day. We will have extra copies available if you would rather complete it at that time.)