One of the services we provide is facilitating finding correctly fitting and suitable tack. Here at Léttleiki Icelandics we understand that correctly fitted Icelandic horse specific tack can be key to a horse and riders success whether they are performing on the trail or oval track.  We make it our business to be knowledgeable about all of the current Icelandic horse brands and we always have a wide range of tack with which we are familiar.


We have a variety of used saddles and other equipment for sale.  See our used tack page for a list of what used tack we currently have available.


We currently work with three companies to provide you with the best quality new tack on the market (see basic information below).



Flying C Tack is owned and operated by two of the most successful Icelandic horse competitors in the nation, Ásta and Will Covert.  It is your one-stop-shop for Icelandic horse equipment and apparel in the U.S.A.  They carry all the major brands that we use and provide very professional service.  We buy all of our Topreiter and Hrimnir products through Flying C as well as a variety of other brands.


Léttleiki is a dealer for the Danish Icelandic horse saddle company Eques.  Eques saddles are specially designed with a focus on a healthy fit, quality, and value by the accomplished Danish Icelandic horse trainer and competitor Rasmus Møller Jensen. Rasmus has designed a saddle that encourages balance and free movement. The center of gravity (deepest point in the saddle seat) is in the middle and the saddle is designed to stay in equal contact with the horse’s back when the girth is tightened.   Here at Léttleiki Icelandics we can order you any Eques product.  Please go to our Eques page that has descriptions and pricing for a variety of their products (the Eques site is not available in English).



Léttleiki is a dealer for the Icelandic horse saddle company Ástund.  The company Ástund was founded in 1976.  Without a doubt, Ástund is the most sophisticated equestrian company in Iceland, with the knowledge and experience of more than thirty-five years in the trade. The very successful design and production of Ástund saddles and other equestrian products is done in co-operation with the best professional riders and they offer only top quality products.  Here at Léttleiki Icelandics we can order you any Ástund product for the price listed on their website.