Ellie Pittman

Ellie Pittman
Former Trainer, Instructor
Off To University

***Ellie has recently enrolled in university and we wish her well!***

A sensitive, intelligent, dedicated and experienced trainer and teacher, who is also a highly successful competitor! Ellie Pittman began her riding career in the hunter/jumper discipline when she was seven years old, acquiring basic horsemanship and riding skills. Shortly after, Ellie was employed at a local Saddlebred and Hackney Ponies farm, where she gained a lot of experience with many different disciplines and breeds, including: English pleasure, saddle seat, Western pleasure, and driving.

It was the summer of 2014 where Ellie found her second home at Lettleiki Icelandics at Swallowland Farm, it was also where she found her passion. For three years she was a student and intern under Carrie Lyons Brandt, a Hólar University certified instructor and trainer, and Terral Hill, known for his talent in starting young horses.

Under their guidance, Ellie completed the 2015 American Youth Cup as winner of T1, also receiving the “Equestrian Award” for her team’s cumulative competition scores. She also placed first in National Rankings in 2015 and 2016 in Intermediate Five Gait, having the highest average scores in the US. In 2016, Ellie was the Eastern Regional Champion for Intermediate Five Gait.

Ellie owes a lot of her knowledge to Pernille Møller, another certified instructor and trainer from Hólar University. Ellie lived and trained with Pernille from January through March 2016, primarily working with young horses learning the art of gait training and competition riding. Ellie returned to Iceland to work for two weeks in October 2016.

Some other notable instructors along Ellie’s journey toward becoming an up and coming young trainer include well known Holar graduate trainers Gudmar Petursson, Laura Benson, and Hrefna María Ómarsdóttir.  Hrefna is also known for her family’s impressive breeding farm, Álfhólar.

Most recently, Ellie has been working under the instruction and counsel of Alex Dannenmann, a IPZV Trainer B, and FEIF Certified International Sport Judge. Alex is internationally known for her light and harmonious riding and training philosophies, always putting the horse’s happiness first.

This is just the beginning for Ellie; she is excited to continue growing and learning in the Icelandic Horse World!