Consignment Options

For owners that want to sell their horse we take horses on consignment.

Consignment Board

Includes marketing the horse on our website, board, and light training. We will use our contacts and connections to market the horse and will show the horse to any potential buyers and do our best to market the horse in competitions, demonstrations, clinics etc.

$600/per month and %15 of final sale

Horses only qualify for consignment board if Léttleiki trainers approve them as ready for sale and ready to be ridden by potential buyers. This is because consignment board includes training 2-3 times per week, which is just enough to maintain a horse’s physical and mental training so it will always be ready for potential buyers. Most horses need to go through a training period before they are ready for consignment board but this is not always the case so each horse will be evaluated individually. Horses on consignment board may be trained up to 5 times/week especially if Léttleiki Icelandics plans compete on the horse or show the horse in some way.


10% of final sale (if horse has been in training, not consignment board)

Any horse in training with us can also be on consignment. This would include us showing the horse to potential buyers and marketing the horse on the Léttleiki website. If a horse is not in training or on consignment board that horse may not be marketed by Léttleiki Icelandics.