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October Show Training Info

TRIPLE WORLD RANKING SHOWS, October 6-8 TRAINING TIMES, LOCATIONS AND AVAILABLE INSTRUCTORS All riders are welcome to share space training and warming up in the indoor arena and on the pace track in the training days before the show and during the show, except during the pace classes on the pace track at the end […]

Select Your Show Classes by the 30th! Plus info on Drops/Adds…

What classes are you going to ride at the Triple World Ranking Shows? Class Entry Form is due Saturday, 9/30/17… BEFORE the show! We have had lots of questions about the competition in October! First, remember that we are actually running three separate World Ranking shows during one weekend. The first is on Friday with no finals. The […]

What Does WorldRanking Mean?

What Does It Mean To Compete in a World Ranking Show? The FEIF WorldRanking is a system to compare results between riders of pure-bred Icelandic horses at selected sport events all over the world. The position of a rider in any class in the FEIF WorldRanking is based upon the arithmetic mean of their three […]

What is a Young Horse Linear Description?

Barbara Frische will be offering Young Horse Linear Description services during Léttleiki Icelandic’s Triple World Ranking Shows in October. Foals and young horses from 21 days to four years of age will be scored on a total of 41 characteristics of conformation, character, and gait while running loose in an arena. Judging a horse at this age […]

Oct. 6-8 Show Information Now Available!

Check here to see current information on upcoming Triple World Ranking Shows & Young Horse Linear Description, including Tentative Schedule, Pre-Registration Form, Entry Form, Release, and MORE!

Competition Clinic Takes Participants To Their Next Step (August 12-13)

August 12-13: Newbies and seasoned professionals gathered together at Lettleiki Icelandics this weekend to view and learn from the Icelandic Horse World Championships being broadcast from The Netherlands. Alex Dannenmann, an International Sport Judge and certified Icelandic horse trainer, provided insight and answered participant questions as they learned more about ideal presentation, scoring, and Icelandic horses […]


Six junior equestrians celebrated the season romping and riding with our talented and energetic training staff at Léttleiki Icelandics’ first-ever Summer Camp July 24-28. Watch for more info or contact us to reserve your child’s spot at next year’s Summer Camp!