October Show Training Info



All riders are welcome to share space training and warming up in the indoor arena and on the pace track in the training days before the show and during the show, except during the pace classes on the pace track at the end of each show day! Please respect each other’s training needs and share these spaces.


Due to high demand, all riders must schedule their time on the Oval Track on Wednesday and Thursday.

There is a whiteboard on the southern side of the tack shop near the oval track where the schedule will be posted. Check this list when you arrive to find out your oval track times. Any times not reserved in advance may be reserved when you arrive by adding your name to an empty slot. The board is divided into 20-minute time slots, with up to five riders on the track at a time. If you are not planning to work with one of the instructors listed below and wish to reserve a training time in advance, contact Maggie (if you have not already done so): (502)-541-4590 Maggie@LettleikiIcelandics.com


The following excellent instructors are offering their services for lessons Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday on the oval track. If you wish to book a lesson with any of them and have not done so already, please contact them with your availability. They will submit your request for oval track time as part of a list of all their students.

Barbara Frische
Contact: Kydee Sheetz aslanscountryicelandics@yahoo.com

Carrie Lyons Brandt and Gudmar Petursson
Contact: Kathy Love kathrynlove@gmail.com

Coralie Demeade
Contact: coralie@tamangur-icelandics.com

Gabrielle Pittman and Kayleigh Leavell
Contact:  Maggie Brandt Maggie@LettleikiIcelandics.com

Select Your Show Classes by the 30th! Plus info on Drops/Adds…

What classes are you going to ride at the Triple World Ranking Shows?
Class Entry Form is due Saturday, 9/30/17… BEFORE the show!

We have had lots of questions about the competition in October! First, remember that we are actually running three separate World Ranking shows during one weekend.

The first is on Friday with no finals.
The second is on Saturday with associated finals on Sunday.
The third is on Sunday with no finals.

If you look at the class entry form and the schedule, you will notice that each class may be offered on more than one day. This is a great opportunity to try out and practice classes! Unless it is a preliminary class, we will be giving out placement awards each time the class is offered and for the finals. It also means some classes may have no entries, so watch the schedules carefully and listen to announcements!

In order to make it possible for riders to qualify for the world ranking, we are offering preliminary rounds each of the three days/shows in T1, T2, V2, F1, T3,T4,V2, F2O, PP1 and P2. Anyone is welcome to be in these classes and you may ride more than one horse. You don’t have to be trying out for the World Ranking! Once again, it is a great opportunity to try out your programs and get feedback. The only exception is that if you are eligible and you decide you want to be in a final on Sunday, please spare your horse and choose not to ride your horse in a preliminary round that day.

Because we are doing the paperwork for three shows, please follow these rules for signing up for your classes:

**Sign up for your classes with each horse on a separate entry form by SEPTEMBER 30th!

**Please Drop or Add a class by 5:00 the night before the competition. Adds on the day of the competition will only be made at the discretion of the show secretary and will be charged $15.

**It is much easier to adapt the paperwork to Drops than Adds, so there will be no penalty for dropping a class….keep that in mind as you choose your classes and think ahead!

What Does WorldRanking Mean?

What Does It Mean To Compete in a World Ranking Show?

FEIF - Passion for the Icelandic Horse

The FEIF WorldRanking is a system to compare results between riders of pure-bred Icelandic horses at selected sport events all over the world.

The position of a rider in any class in the FEIF WorldRanking is based upon the arithmetic mean of their three best results with a horse in a class.• Any rider will need at least three scores (that is why we are running three separate one-day shows for the October show) of 5.50 or higher in the preliminary rounds of the track classes Tölt T1, Tölt T2, Four Gait V1, Five Gait F1, Tölt T3, Tölt T4, Four Gait V2, Five Gait F2 (our F2O), and Pace Test PP1–or the equivalent time in SpeedPass P2 (8.70″)–in order to qualify for the WorldRanking.

Any rider will need at least three scores (that is why we are running three separate one-day shows for the October show) of 5.50 or higher in the preliminary rounds of the track classes Tölt T1, Tölt T2, Four Gait V1, Five Gait F1, Tölt T3, Tölt T4, Four Gait V2, Five Gait F2 (our F2O), and Pace Test PP1–or the equivalent time in SpeedPass P2 (8.70″)–in order to qualify for the WorldRanking.

A WR tournament is judged by at least 5 Sport Judges; 3 of them must be FEIF International Sport Judges. -→ At our show in October, we will provide 5 FEIF International Sport Judges!

The highest and the lowest mark of the judges will be disregarded; the final mark is based on the average of the remaining three marks.

Results are valid for a period of two years.

For More Information, go to: https://www.feif.org/Sport/WorldRanking.aspx

What is a Young Horse Linear Description?

Barbara Frische will be offering Young Horse Linear Description services during Léttleiki Icelandic’s Triple World Ranking Shows in October. Foals and young horses from 21 days to four years of age will be scored on a total of 41 characteristics of conformation, character, and gait while running loose in an arena. Judging a horse at this age can provide both immediate and long-term benefits. Breeders get early feedback regarding the success of that particular stallion/mare pairing and whether it ought to be considered again. And this evaluation can also help guide your decisions in best matching a horse’s natural attributes to its owner’s plans for its future, whether that be breeding, showing, endurance and trail riding, or pleasure. If you are planning to attend our upcoming shows, we encourage you to bring along your younger horse(s) and take advantage of this opportunity to make more informed decisions about best how to train and market your horse! Click here for more information.

Competition Clinic Takes Participants To Their Next Step (August 12-13)

August 12-13: Newbies and seasoned professionals gathered together at Lettleiki Icelandics this weekend to view and learn from the Icelandic Horse World Championships being broadcast from The Netherlands. Alex Dannenmann, an International Sport Judge and certified Icelandic horse trainer, provided insight and answered participant questions as they learned more about ideal presentation, scoring, and Icelandic horses in general. Screen time was interspersed with on-site lessons where riders could practice some of the techniques and concepts just learned to reach the next step in their mastery of the art.


Six junior equestrians celebrated the season romping and riding with our talented and energetic training staff at Léttleiki Icelandics’ first-ever Summer Camp July 24-28. Watch for more info or contact us to reserve your child’s spot at next year’s Summer Camp!