Alexandra Dannenmann

Alexandra Dannenman
Professional Trainer and Manager at Florida Icehorse Farm, International Judge and Advisor to Lettleiki Icelandics

Alex began her career with Icelandic horses in 1997 in her birth country of Germany. Before she moved with her family to the United States she competed with many different horses on different levels and achieved wins and placings at high level competitions in Germany and France, including participation in the German Youth Championships and German Championships. She earned riding titles as the German Youth Champion in Fourgait, South-German Champion in Dressage, Baden-Wuerttemberg Champion in Pacetest PP1 and competed and placed on the highest levels in Fivegait and Fourgait in Germany.

Having attained the IPZV Trainer B level in 2012, Alex moved on to accomplish her dream of becoming an International FEIF judge. One of her greatest accomplishments was her success in the first FEIF International Judges test in 2015, which she needed to pass in order to become a US National Judge. It is the same test the candidates for the international license have to pass, but a few more penalty points are allowed for the national license. She achieved the highest score of all the candidates including highly experienced judges taking the test on the international judge level. It was an even greater accomplishment to pass the same test again in 2016 in Iceland for the international license. She was one of 3 people out of 30 who passed the test. Becoming an international judge in such a short period of time has never happened before. Congratulations Alex!

Alex currently judges competitions and teaches clinics in the United States and Europe. This year she was nominated for the FEIF Trainer/Instructor of the year for 2016.

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